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Crossword a Day 2024
Crossword a Day 2024
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Junior Codes Book
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Codeword a Day 2024

Content Articles for Publication

Word Puzzle Clarity Media can provide you with a range of articles for features in your newpaper, magazine or other publication with regard puzzles and keeping your mind active and 'training your brain' through a variety of methods.

With more focus being placed in recent years of the importance of exercising your mind in the same way as you exercise other parts of the body, the use of puzzles and other mental tests to keep you 'in shape' on a regular basis has come to the fore.

We can provide you with a suite of different articles and content for publication, and write bespoke pieces to a set length.

Perhaps you are looking simply for a range of puzzles that your readers can engage with to challenge the little grey cells, such as the wide range of Puzzles for Publication you see here.

Alternatively, you may be looking for hints, tips and methods on how best to solve puzzles. Perhaps you would like to share with your readers some of the many methods used to solve sudoku puzzles - we can write these pitched at any level, so if you want a series of articles for beginners, then intermediate players then expert players, we would be happy to provide you with this content.

We can also provide articles on a wider and more general level, focusing on hints, tips and mind games one can play in order to keep the mind active and challenge your mental faculties. These need not just be puzzles; there are a range of simple 'games' that can be played: for instance thinking of a colour then naming everything you can see in the room of that colour as quickly as possible.

Example article titles could be: We can also provide content from our Mind Exercise Puzzles site, for instance a range of:
If you are interested in commissioning an article or for more information, please do Contact Us and we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements.
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