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Mental Agility Puzzle

This one is great as a simple puzzle but a good bit of exercise for the brain, to keep those little grey cells working!

This puzzle involves being given a codeword, and each position in the word is represented by a number. So, if the codeword is FOOD, then 1 is the letter 'F' and 4 is the letter 'D'. The puzzle then consists of a series of tasks, where you have to say which letter is at the position of each number you are given to spell a word. If you ever watched the Krypton Factor, this was a popular type of mental agility puzzle played there.

The key to the game is that once you are told the word, you must not write it down or look at it, but rather must keep it in your head.

Here is a sample mental agility puzzle. It is essential that you do not look at the word whilst answering the questions, so either scroll past the word on the screen, or print out the questions and cut off at the codeword - if you can see the codeword whilst answering the questions there is no challenge! Allow yourself a total of one minute to answer all the questions.



1) What is letter six of the codeword?
2) 1256?
3) 86742?
4) 537421?
5) 4819?

Having completed the puzzle, how did you score? If you got all the words then you are doing well, and 3 or 4 is a good score for a first attempt at a mental agility puzzle like this which is great exercise for the brain!

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If you are an individual looking to play a large range of puzzles for personal enjoyment, we recommend taking a look at the puzzles available at the Puzzle Club.

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