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Futoshiki puzzles (also known as Hutosiki) are one of the many logic puzzles to have come out of Japan over the last decade and are now seen in print publications across the world as demand for their supply increases. Our futoshiki puzzles reach an audience of thousands of solvers daily in a range of newspapers.

Futoshiki puzzles are similar to sudoku in the sense that, using logic alone, you can solve the puzzle, and there should be one unique solution for each puzzle. They are also similar in that in a Futoshiki puzzle each row and column must contain each number once only, though there is no box constraint.

Futoshiki puzzles come in a variety of sizes, ranging standardly from 5 x 5 puzzles up to 9 x 9 puzzles. The most common size seen in publications is probably the 5 x 5 grid size. This may seem quite small, but puzzles can be made quite tricky even at this size if required.

The puzzles start with some givens, but also a range of greater than and less than signs (> and <) that indicate the mathematical relationships between some of the numbers. These puzzles are quite addictive and can be tricky, even when small! Due to the use of the greater and less than signs, few givens need to be stated to create a valid puzzle.

Here is a sample Futoshiki puzzle:

Futoshiki puzzle

The solution is at the bottom if you get stuck!

All our puzzles are supplied in your choice of PDF or EPS format, and you may choose your difficulty level of the puzzles we supply. You can view a Sample Futoshiki in PDF format. You can also play Futoshiki online at the Puzzle Club, or you can play an interactive futoshiki puzzle online here.

If you would like to buy any of our Futoshiki / Hutosiki puzzles, or any other Japanese puzzles, please do contact us.

What to do next...

Publishers - Please contact us to buy Futoshiki puzzles for publication in your book, magazine, newspaper, any other printed media or online.

Individuals - You can play a large range of logic and number puzzles online at the Puzzle Connoisseur's Club

If you prefer to print puzzles, then take a look at Futoshiki Magazine

A puzzle that is closely related to futoshiki is the inequality sudoku puzzle. This works in the same way as futoshiki, with greater than and less signs indicating the relationship between the values in many of the grid squares, but is presented on a standard sudoku grid, and now includes the regular 3x3 box regions. Below is an example inequality sudoku 9x9 puzzle with no givens, and here is a link to a PDF if you want to try and solve it, placing 1-9 once in each row, column and 3x3 box and obeying the greater than and less than signs: 9x9 Inequality Sudoku Puzzle
inequality sudoku puzzle
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