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Memory Puzzle

These puzzles make excellent content for your magazine or publication, and many people enjoy pitting their wits against such puzzles. Here is an example memory test puzzle:

Read the passage below carefully for one minute. This is a memory test puzzle and you will be asked ten questions about this short passage. Once you have studied the text for a minute try and answer the questions below without looking back at the text. This puzzle tests your ability to extract information from text you have read - a useful skill both at work and in your daily life, and also of course tests your ability to hold the information in your memory.

Gerry was having a bad day. He had been up since 6am, though it felt like he'd never slept - a fault with his alarm clock meant that it went off every 15 minutes from 1.45am onwards! His day continued badly: his toast was burnt, and there was no strawberry jam left and he was also out of Earl Grey tea.

At work, three meetings came one after the other. That was the danger of being the manager of thirty-two staff. The first meeting was with the senior marketing manager who gave a dull presentation on something or other, whilst the accounts manager who he saw next gave a financial projection for the next six months - boring Gerry to tears in the process.

Gerry's final meeting was with his boss, Malcolm, who wanted to know why three team members had left the company in the last two months and why sick days were up 12% this year. WIth a team building day in the Lake District just one week away, Gerry assured his boss that things would improve soon. He stopped short of espousing his theory that Malcolm's strict targets were the cause of lower morale in the team and the consequences he had picked up on.

When Gerry got home at 7.15pm, the answerphone was flashing with five messages, and he also realised that he'd left his mobile phone in the office. After returning his calls, Gerry was finally able to relax for the evening. He sat down to watch a soap opera on TV with a large glass of orange juice and his favourite dinner, only for there to be a power cut. What a day!

Memory Test Questions

1) What time did Gerry get up?
2) When did the alarm start going off?
3) Who were the first two people Gerry had meetings with?
4) How many staff does Gerry manage?
5) Name Gerry's boss?
6) Where was the team buliding day being held?
7) What percentage change in sick days had there been recently?
8) What two breakfast items did Gerry not have at home?
9) What did Gerry think caused low morale in the office?
10) What time did Gerry get home after work?

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