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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Grandad's Crosswords
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Mixed Puzzles Book
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Sequence Puzzles

Sequence puzzles may be number sequence puzzles, or word puzzles. Of course, word puzzles may actually be mathematically based!

A number sequence puzzle could be, for instance:

1, 4, 27, 256...

These depend on you spotting the pattern. Here it is the number in the sequence (n) raised to the power of itself, that is 'n to the n', or n^n. So, we have 1^1, 2^2, 3^3, 4^4, therefore the next number is 5^5, or 3,125.

A word based sequence puzzle could represent anything, and here you need to use logic and old-fashioned brain power to work out what the sequence represents. For instance:


The answer to that puzzle is below, if you get stuck!

Sequence puzzles are great fun as they are simple and short yet can be baffling and are good for those who really like to get their teeth stuck into a puzzle. All our sequence puzzles are supplied in your choice of PDF or EPS format for easy print publication.

If you would like to buy any of our sequence puzzles, or any other puzzles, please do Contact Us to discuss your word puzzle requirements >>

Alternatively, take a look at some other word and non-word puzzles that Clarity Media can supply you with:
Answer to word sequence: TTOHAES.

Can you see why? Because they represent multiples of three: 3 (Three), 9 (Nine), 27 (Twenty Seven), 81 (Eighty One), 243 (Two Hundred And Forty Three), 729 (Seven Hundred And Twenty Nine), 2187 (Two Thousand One Hundred And Eighty Seven).
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