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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Anagram Puzzles

Clarity Media produces a range of anagram puzzles, as you can see from the selection listed in our word puzzles section.

Some are more elaborate puzzles whilst others are straight forward anagram puzzles. For instance, here is a word square anagram puzzle. The 16 letters below are actually four different fruits scrambled together. See if you can work out what the four fruits are and unscramble the fruity anagram puzzle (answer below):


All puzzles supplied in your choice of PDF or EPS format, and you can choose the topic you would like reflected in your anagram puzzle(s) along with the side and difficulty of anagram you would like (for instance 9 letter anagrams tend to be harder to spot than 4 letter anagrams).

If you would like to purchase our anagram puzzles, or any other word puzzles, please do Contact Us to discuss your word puzzle requirements >>

Alternatively, take a look at some other word and non-word puzzles that Clarity Media can supply you with:
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