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Easy codeword puzzles are not very common, despite codewords themselves being a very common and popular puzzle. Why is this? There are a couple of reasons:

Firstly, codeword puzzles of course require the solver to place every letter from A-Z into the grid once. Some letters are not very common, and therefore in order to ensure a diverse range of solution grids, the vocabulary used in code word puzzles can be tougher than in other word puzzles such as quick crosswords. Many creators also include proper nouns in the form of places and names, or even multi-word answers, which again can increase the difficulty of the puzzle.

The second reason is simply that codewords are by their nature quite a tough puzzle - they require a good vocabulary, a feel for solving the puzzles that only comes over time, and also an ability to know which letters are likely to occur where, either by analysis of which letters occur the most or through intuition and feel.

However, easy codewords are in demand for those who like newspaper puzzles but want an easier solve. Virtually all published puzzles have between 1 and 3 clue letters to get you started, which doesn't make the puzzles easy.

If you're looking for easier puzzles, where can you get them? Here! Due to demand, we've recently launched a collection of Easy Codeword Puzzles on Amazon. They're easy for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, they don't have any proper nouns apart from the names of some countries. So you won't need to 'think outside the box' of regular vocabulary.

Secondly, they have five clue letters per puzzle, so there is plenty to enter into the grid to get you started and well into the solve.

Thirdly, all puzzles contain circled cells, and a clue at the start of the puzzle that relates to those circled cells. It's a geography themed book, so if the clue is 'the capital here is Paris' then the letters in the circled cells would spell out 'France' in the order given. This enables even more solving momentum to be built up as the solver may choose to write in the answer to the themed clue early on, or simply use it to check their progress is correct as they go along. For more confident solvers, this additional clue can simply be ignored until the end and answered as a little bonus once the puzzle is complete. So if you're looking for easy codeword, we're confident you'll enjoy this brand new collection of 100 puzzles.
Date written: 08 Nov 2014

Category: word puzzles | Keywords: codewords


You describe easy code words,but where do I buy one? Which one shown is an ‘easy’ codeword book? Thanks
By: Pamela Damon - 13 Nov 2021 01:42:36

Hi Pamela, Here is a book with easy codewords puzzles in it:
By: Clarity Media - 12 Feb 2022 13:58:48

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