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Puzzle Books Make Great Gifts for Family and Friends (or Yourself!)

Crossword a Day 2024
Crossword a Day 2024
Grandad's Crosswords
Grandad's Crosswords
Crime Logic Puzzles
Crime Logic Puzzles
Junior Codes Book
Junior Codes Book

Crime Logic Puzzles for Adults

Detective Dilemmas: Crime-themed Logic Grid Puzzles

Channel your inner detective with our new book of crime-themed puzzles, detective dilemmas:

The book contains 50 brand-new cross-referencing logic puzzles, in which you will be confronted with a range of confounding conundrums and crime-related scenarios.

You must, in each case, use the clues that are provided to you to solve the puzzle, and work out 'whodunit' or variations thereof.

Some of the logic puzzles are linked and some have additional questions, so you'll need to pay attention and sometimes use an answer from one puzzle and place it into the correct grid of a subsequent puzzle.

In addition to the fifty logic grid puzzles in the book, there are a range of other crime-themed puzzles in the book, too.

These included logic puzzles, an acrostic puzzle, various safe cracking puzzles where you must use logic and deduction to deduce the correct safe code (the puzzles are a bit like Wordle but harder as you don't know which number is being referred to by each coloured circle - you need to work that out yourself!)

Other puzzles include mini logic puzzles, cryptograms, codewords that reveal a message once you have solved them and more besides.

Here are the titles of some of the puzzles in the book to give you a flavour of the variety of crime themed scenarios in the book:

If you enjoy solving logic puzzles and also have a penchant for the popular theme of crime, then we hope you'll love the puzzles in this book!

And, of course, all solutions are included at the back of the book so if you get stuck on any of them, it's easy to get a little helping hand.

Do you like solving logic puzzles? Or perhaps you find the cross-referencing style of logic puzzle a bit daunting and don't know where to start with solving them... either way we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Date written: 07 Nov 2023

Category: logic puzzles | Keywords: logic puzzles

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