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Shape Split Puzzles

Shape Split Puzzle Shape split puzzles are a type of spatial awareness or shape and space puzzle that make a great and interesting addition to any mixed puzzle page.

The rules of the puzzle are simple, but solving them can be very tricky. The solver is presented with a shape like that shown to the right and must split it into a stated number of equal parts that are all the same, although pieces may be rotated (but not reflected). This is done by drawing along the existing grid lines. The solver is told how many identical shapes to split the puzzle into.

These puzzles can be fairly simple when they are to just be split into two pieces - suitable for a children's puzzle page - but can be surprisingly tricky when requiring to be split into three or more pieces, requiring real visualisation as to what each possible shape could look like and how to rotate or piece them together to form the given shape. Can you work out the answer to the sample shown here - you must split the shape into four identical pieces? The answer is at the bottom of the page!

The puzzle is sometimes called jigsaw split or jigsaw combine as it is similar in some ways to a jigsaw puzzle where you must work out how the pieces come together to form the required shape, though here you need to work out the shape of the pieces themselves!

If the initial puzzle contains 24 squares and you are asked to split it into four pieces, then you know each piece must be made up of 6 squares in total. The trick then is to work out which possible shape composed of 6 squares can be pieced together, possibly combining its rotations, to make the required shape. Each of our shape split puzzles is carefully crafted to ensure that there is only one way of making the final assembled shape.

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