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Shape and Space Puzzles

Shape and space puzzles

Shape and space puzzles are those that require us to visualise what happens to shapes when we perform various different operations and manipulations.

For instance a question may ask us to rotate a certain shape in our heads and pick the correct result, or maybe to perform a reflection.

Another type of shape and space puzzle might ask you to imagine folding up the sides of a cube from the net, and then ask you to find out which of various possible folded cubes could be created from the net that you are shown.

Other challenges might ask you to work out how to split or change a shape or group of objects in order to achieve a particular goal. The key to all these puzzles is that they require an appreciation of shape and space and therefore use a different part of the brain to many other puzzles.

If you are looking for puzzles to challenged left handers or so-called 'left handed puzzles', then these puzzles can be ideal - the reason being that on average left handers are better at these sort of puzzles due to the way their brain is wired and the part of the brain required to successfully solve these puzzles.

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