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Nonconsecutive Sudoku

Non consecutive sudoku This puzzle is an unusual sudoku variant. Unlike normal sudoku where around 17 givens is the minimum to create a valid puzzle, with this variant you can get a valid sudoku puzzle with the fewest number of givens compared to this with nonconsecutive sudoku. For instance, a normal 9x9 sudoku puzzle but with the non-consecutive constraint can be valid with around just nine givens, as intimidating as this may look to the puzzler observing the puzzle!

The added constraint in this variant is that adjacent cells must not contain consecutive numbers. So for instance if a cell contains '2', then its four neighbours must not contain 1,2,3. You can choose to receive puzzles where the constraint also applies to edge cells of the puzzle - where the constraint wraps around to the other edge of the puzzle, or to receive puzzles where the constraint does not wrap around.

There are various versions of non-consecutive sudoku we can supply of different shapes and sizes. Popular options are sudokus displayed in a circular fashion (circle sudoku) - this works particularly well with puzzles where the non-consecutive regions wrap around as a circular puzzle is a natural way to display this - and also to vary the number and size of the regions. 8 x 8 circular sudoku with two constraints - spokes and circles - are a popular method; due to the added constraint excellent puzzles can be generated without the box constraint of normal sudoku. If you are interested in the non-consecutive variant of sudoku, please

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In addition to nonconsecutive sudoku puzzles, we also supply consecutive sudoku puzzles, which are now more popular than the non-consecutive version!

These puzzles include bars between pairs of squares to tell you that they are consecutive in value (such as 2, 3). All such pairings are marked in the grid, so if there is no bar between a pair of squares then they are not consecutive in value. If you'd like to have a go at an interactive puzzle, you can try our Online Consecutive Sudoku Puzzle.

For a explanation of the rules of consecutive sudoku and to get started solving the puzzle linked to above, you can take a look at this video explaining a little bit more about the fun sudoku variant that is the consecutive puzzle:

What to do next...

Publishers - Please contact us to buy Non-Consecutive Sudoku puzzles for publication in your book, magazine, newspaper, any other printed media or online.

Individuals - You can play a large range of logic and number puzzles online at the Puzzle Connoisseur's Club

If you prefer to print puzzles, then take a look at Consecutive Sudoku Magazine in which certain cells have consecutive values, rather than being non-consecutive as outlined above.

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