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themed mazes Mazes remain a great favourite among children, but also larger and more complicated mazes are also increasingly popular with adults too.

All our mazes are the classic puzzle whereby you must trace a single line path through the maze from the start to finish point so there is one clear solution for each puzzle.

If you are looking to purchase some visual puzzles for publication either for children or adults, then mazes would make a good choice.

Our mazes are available in a range of different sizes from very small to very large, and come supplied in print-ready PDF or EPS format. The solution is also supplied and easy to follow, with the solution path clearly marked for reference. We have various types of mazes you can buy for publication, these include the following types:

Rectangular Mazes

These are the classic maze puzzle, with a rectangular or square grid of any dimensions you wish:
rectangular maze

Shaped Mazes

Mazes can be made in a range of different shapes, for instance in the shape of a bird outline if you were publishing the maze in a bird magazine. Here is an example of a diamond maze:
diamond maze

Triangle Mazes

A visually interesting maze variant, the triangular maze has triangle shaped cells rather than the standard square-shaped cells:
triangular maze

Hexagon Mazes

A particularly intriguing maze, the hexagon maze increases the options, as each cell can have up to six possible neighbours to choose between when moving through the maze:
hexagon maze

Circle Mazes

Circle mazes look visually very different to the various other maze types, and require you to move around the rings and spokes of a circle to navigate through the maze:
circle maze

Bridge Mazes (Or Weave Mazes)

Bridge mazes are an intriguing variant of the standard maze, which adds an element of 3D into the solving mix: the path can now wind under and over itself by means of bridges. Take a look at the image below to see how this maze variant works. These puzzles are often harder to solve than standard mazes due to these under and over crossings. The way the solution route often unfolds is what gives these puzzles their other name - weave mazes.
bridge maze

3D / Multi-Level Mazes

For a really mind-bending challenge, how about a 3D maze that plays out over several levels? Here's a sample of a very small 4x4 maze that is spread over three levels to show how this puzzle type works (level 1 on the left, level 2 in the middle, level 3 on the right). Right arrows > indicate that you can move up from a given square if you choose to do so, and < arrows show you can move down a level from that square if you wish. Again these mazes have a single solution.
multi-level maze
...and here's the solution for this 3D type of maze as it can be harder to understand how it works: a bold, coloured arrow shows that to get from the start to the end you go either up or down at that square along the solution route (a blue arrow indicates moving up a level, a red arrow indicates going down a level); standard north/south/east/west moves on a level are marked in the usual way with a grey line between squares.
3D maze solution

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