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Knights Tour Puzzle

Knights Tour Puzzle There is a classic puzzle which has been around for a long time, based around the movement of the knight, perhaps the most interesting of chess pieces.

This piece can move either two squares horizontally/vertically followed by one square in the other direction, or vice versa. These moves can be used to trace a path around a grid. It is not possible create a knights tour on all grid shapes, for instance on a 4 x 4 grid the maximum possible number of cells that can be visited without revisiting a square is 15.

For our knights tour puzzle we've made an interesting variant on the classic puzzle, whereby you are given some of the squares the knight has visited in its tour of the board. The aim is to reconstruct the route by filling in the gaps. For instance, if you know the first and third squares visited by the knight, then you can work out the possible square, or squares, that the knight visited on its second move.

You can gradually build up the route the knight took through every square until every square contains a number. You never need to guess, and there is only one solution to this puzzle that can be reached through logic alone.

The first and last squares the knight visited on its tour of the board are shown in a darker colour on our puzzle grids. A range of sized grids can be created, and also containing features such as blocked or empty cells that the knight never enters on its tour of the board. If you are interested in purchasing this fascinating logic puzzle, then please contact us with your requirements.

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