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Star Battle Start The image to the right shows the start of a typical star battle puzzle. This one is a 10x10 puzzle, and requires you to place two stars in each row, column and bold-lined region in the grid. Stars are not allowed to touch, including diagonally. And with that deceptively simple rule set, the solver must work out where all the stars are to be placed in the grid.

Star battle is a delightful logic puzzle, and can come in a range of sizes. 9x9 is quite common, whilst the 10x10 puzzle is probably the most common size; easier puzzles are often 6x6 and contain 1 star to find, whilst at the 10x10 size several difficulty levels are possible, each with two stars to place in each of the thirty regions in the grid.

The solution to the puzzle given here is shown at the bottom of this page. There are various different solving rules that can be used to deduce where to place stars, and the more you solve, the more rules occur to you. As such this puzzle has a very nice solving experience, and the more you play the better you get at spotting potential ways of making progress and finding harder solve rules that can be used to do so.

One of the most important things to realise when solving star battles is that the 'no touch' rule means that any 2x2 block of cells can contain a maximum of one star. A good way to make solving progress is to look at the smaller regions in each grid, and seeing what can be placed as a result. For instance in the example above, in column three there is a region that contains just three cells. As we know that there can only be one star in any 2x2 set of cells, then we know there can't be a star in the middle of the three squares in that region as otherwise both neighbours would be blank and it would be impossible to place the two stars in that region. Therefore the first move when solving this puzzle would be to put an 'x' in that square (row four, column three) and since there are then two stars required in the region and only two empty squares, place the stars in the other two cells in that region. Furthermore, since that region of three squares is fully in column three, then once the stars are placed, the remaining squares in column three can have a 'x' put in them as placing the two stars in the region of three cells also places the two stars for that entire column.

Star battle puzzles make a nice addition to any puzzle page, being different of course to word puzzles and not requiring maths or the use of numbers in the grid as is the case with many logic puzzles.

If you are interested in purchasing Star Battle puzzles, then please do Contact Us with your requirements. Puzzles are typically supplied as print-ready PDFs complete with solutions.

Here is the solution to the sample puzzle above:

star battle solution

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