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Crossword a Day 2024
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Junior Codes Book
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Brain Training Puzzles

Is your mind active and in shape? Test your brain power by pitting your wits against these simple mental agility puzzles. These puzzles are not designed to be particularly hard, but rather test your ability to think clearly and quickly. Start your stopwatch, and see how long it takes you to complete this set of tests:

Pattern Recognition Test : Sequences

Here are three sequences. How quickly can you work out the next number in each sequence?

a) 3, 9, 27, 81 ???
b) 1, 2, 9, 64 ???
c) -5, 20, -60, 120 ???

Logical Reasoning Test

Romeo loves Juliet, and given that everyone loves a lover, you and Juliet love each other. True or false?

Maths and Algebra Test

See if you can work out the answer to these simple sums and algebraic equations in your head - that means no calculators or writing down on paper!

a) 375 + 486
b) (52 x 8) - 47

c) (169 / 13) + (12.25 x 4)
d) 2x + 10 = 20. What is the value of x?
e) 4x - x + 12 = 48. What is the value of x?

Spelling Test

Now for the word challenge. Are these spellings correct, and if not, spell the word correctly:

a) seperately
b) concatenation
c) equillibrium
d) phlegm
e) reciever

That's it! How quickly did you complete the test? If you did it in under three minutes, well done that's very impressive. If it took more than five minutes to complete, completing some daily brain training exercises would be a great way of keeping those little grey cells working and flexing your brain power to the max!

If you are a publisher interested in publishing a brain training book, or would like more information on suitable puzzles to test mental agility, please Contact Us >>

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