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Thu, 27 Jan 2022
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Crossword a Day 2022
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Logic Puzzles for Adults

Mobile Phone Puzzles

mobile We have a range of mobile phone related puzzles, which are great for children and adults alike!

The most popular puzzle is the decode the message puzzle. Here the numbers that relate to a word on the keypad are given, and the puzzle is to work out the words.

In many cases these are themed - for instance decode movie titles, songs and so on.

Other puzzles are presented as crossword grids to be filled in, where all the clues are in mobile code.

Still other mobile phone related puzzles are based on 'text speak' so may be easiest for the younger audience. Here titles of films and songs, and famous phrases, are translated into 'text speak' and the object is to work out what is being represented by the abbreviated and distinctive text speak. If you are interested in any mobile phone related puzzle games, then please do contact us with your requirements.

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