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Mon, 19 Apr 2021

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Isosudoku Isosudoku is a fascinating variation on the sudoku theme, that is played on a hexagonal grid rather than the standard square grid that we are all so familiar with.

There is one big difference to standard sudoku, and that is the introduction of regions that are of varying sizes. Some of them contain just four cells, whilst the largest region (of which there is only one) is the same size as a normal sudoku region and contains nine cells.

This means that you can't necessarily apply all the logical rules you use in normal sudoku to these smaller regions, but you may need to adapt your thinking a little. The new regions are the diagonals that run down across from the board from the left hand side... this means that there are 11 new regions introduced to the normal sudoku puzzle.

If you haven't come across isosudoku before but are looking for some unusual sudoku variants, perhaps to include in a title that has a range of rare and fun sudoku puzzles to add that little something special to your publication, then isosudoku could be just the puzzle for you!

Please do contact us with your requirements if you are interested in buying isosudoku or any other puzzle type.

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Publishers - Please contact us to buy Isosudoku puzzles for publication in your book, magazine, newspaper, any other printed media or online.

Individuals - You can play a large range of logic and number puzzles online at the Puzzle Connoisseur's Club

If you prefer to print puzzles, then take a look at Isosudoku Magazine

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