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Wed, 21 Aug 2019

Encode a Text Message

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What is a text message encoder?

This is a simple tool that will turn the letters into the numbers that represent them in a text message. For instance, if you wish to type 'hello' into a SMS text message, you will press the numbers '43556', so 43556 represents the word 'hello'.

Why would I want to use this tool?

If you are asking this (perfectly reasonable) question, then the answer is probably that you don't need such a tool.

However, if you need to work out the numbers that represent a word, or words, in a text message then doing it by hand is time consuming and can lead to errors. So with this free simple tool you can simply enter the text and find what numbers you have to press to turn that message into a SMS text message.

People who might want to turn a message into the numbers that represent it in a text code include puzzle and quiz setters, for instance various pub quizzes have a novelty round which sometimes include decoding text messages. Also various puzzles require something similar, whereby themed words are encoded and you have to work out what they are. If you want to do something like this, then you can save time working out the numbers by hand that represent each letter by using this tool.

What are rules for text message encoding?

The rules are very similar; each letter of the alphabet from A - Z is mapped to a specific number, which is as follows:

ABC --> 2
DEF --> 3
GHI --> 4
JKL --> 5
MNO --> 6
PQRS --> 7
TUV --> 8
WXYZ --> 9

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