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Wed, 10 Aug 2022
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Criss Cross Word and Number Fit Puzzles

crisscross Criss cross puzzles are a perennial favourite. You may also have come across them as word fit puzzles, or sometimes kriss kross with k's in.

They can be created with either words or numbers, and with numbers they might be called numberfill, numberfit or numbercross.

The puzzle is simple and engaging - you are given a list of words, or numbers, and an empty grid. Each word or number fits in just one place on the empty grid, and you have to work out where that is. There is only one solution to each puzzle so you don't need to guess, unless you like doing it that way!

Puzzles come in a range of difficulties and sizes so they can be created for a younger or older audience accordingly.

If you are interested in word based criss cross or number based number fit puzzles, then please do contact us with your requirements.

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