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Fri, 23 Apr 2021

Book Cover Design Service

Book cover: that was before If you are creating a book, then what is the most important element? The content, it would seem, is the obvious and surely uncontentious answer to that question. And certainly the content is of course essential. If you want to get word-of-mouth recommendations, good reviews, and lots of people to buy the book then nobody can argue about how important the content is.

However, what is perhaps not quite so well appreciated is just how important the book cover is. Although there is a saying 'never judge a book by its cover', actually that is just what happens in a lot of cases. Or more accurately, perhaps, people won't pick up a book that does not have a noticeable cover or is simply a cover that they do not like.

All of this means that having a good book cover is essential, and it has never been more essential. That's because more and more people now browse for books online, and therefore they don't have the physical experience of picking the book up, getting an instant feel for the size of the book, the thickness and so on, but instead simply look at the picture of the cover of the book and then read a description of the contents.

Book cover: the hunted So, given that the cover is such an important element of a book, and that a professional design that fits in with the style and content of the book is so important, how can you go about getting a book cover designed at a cost effective price - one that won't break the bank but will still deliver a good quality product?

Our design team can help create a book cover that is just right for you. Whether you have an idea and would like to see it translated onto an actual design on paper or are fairly devoid of ideas, we can work with you to create what is right for you. If you have a colour scheme in mind then we can adopt that, but equally we can just create one that matches up to the theme, genre and content of your publication, and any target market that you are particularly trying to reach. We'll ask about your book and for a synopsis of it to get a feel for what it is about, and also ask you for the market you're targetting. Then we'll start working on the design. It is a collaborative process so we won't just simply send you the design after you fill in the brief form below, we'll contact you to get more of a feel of what you are looking for before coming up with a design for you.

Book cover: the real happy ever after Please do contact us via the form below if you're looking for a quality book cover created on a bespoke basis whose quality will match up to the quality of the book you've just written, or are in the process of writing:

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