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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Star Sudoku

Star Sudoku Instructions:
Here's how to play Star Sudoku:
Place the numbers from 1 - 9 precisely once into each row, column and 3x3 box in the grid. Many regions are shared either partially or fully between grids, so care needs to be taken to ensure that one is looking at valid regions when making deductions and placing values.

More About Star Sudoku

Star sudoku, sometimes called flower sudoku, is a variant of a variant, in that it is a variant of the standard samurai sudoku puzzle.

Like other samurai sudoku puzzles, it contains multiple grids overlapping, but the overlap is taken to the extreme level as can be seen by the images of the sample puzzle - it is actually five overlapping grids with the middle grid completely composed of cells from other sudoku grids!

Star sudoku can appear quite intimidating, but as long as one spends a few minutes at the start working out which cells are in each which regions, then the solve can proceed a lot more quickly than standard sudoku: there are less cells to place as there is more overlap, and many placements are heavily restricted by the overlapping regions.

The biggest tip, then, is to understand how the overlap restricts what can go where. As a very big hint, look at the sample puzzle and see if you can find places where the same three numbers (in a different order) appear in segments of columns and rows (answer: you can, several times). Understanding how and why that is is the key to solving star sudoku.

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Last updated: 14 Feb 2012

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Sample puzzle:
start Star Sudoku image
Sample solution:
solution Star Sudoku image
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