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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Killer Sudoku

Killer Sudoku Instructions:
Here's how to play Killer Sudoku:
Place the numbers from 1 - n in each row, column and bold-outlined region in the grid. The dimensions are normally 9x9 but the puzzle exists at a range of sizes.

In addition, the grid contains cages, demarcated by dashed lines around a group of cells which each contain a single number. The sum total of the cells within a cage equals that number. A number cannot be repeated within a cage.

More Information about Killer Sudoku

Killer sudoku is one of the most common and most popular sudoku variants. But since standard sudoku still dominates the marketplace so much, it is seen much less frequently even given this fact.

Killer sudoku may appear a little more intimidating than standard sudoku for two reasons: firstly, the fact that it contains no givens so the grid is totally empty at the beginning. And secondly, the fact that it contains some maths also puts people off.

A very hard killer sudoku really can be tricky, but there are plenty of easier puzzles out there too that are great fun for beginners to serve as an introduction to this puzzle.

It is a great help to learn - or simply get familiar with through playing the puzzles - the high and low combinations for cages of a certain size, as there are usually a few of these which enable one to reduce options very quickly to start solving these puzzles.

For instance, with a cage of two cells, then a '17' must contain 9 and 8 in some combination, and a '16' must be 9 and 7. Clearly a '3' must contain 1 and 2, and a '4' must contain 1 and 3. Remember each digit in a cage must be unique!

Learning high and low combinations for cages of differing lengths really does help you to solve these puzzles at a reasonable speed.

Rules of killer sudoku explained:

The rule of 45 killer sudoku solving technique explained:

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Last updated: 31 Aug 2019

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Sample puzzle:
start Killer Sudoku image
Sample solution:
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Play Killer Sudoku Puzzles:

Play lots of killer sudokus online at the online killer sudoku page of the Puzzle Club.

Play killer sudoku on paper:

If you prefer to play killer sudoku on paper, then there are various PDF magazines you can download and print, as follows:

6x6 killer sudoku magazine
9x9 killer sudoku magazine

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