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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Circle Sudoku

Circle Sudoku Instructions:
Here's how to play Circle Sudoku:
Place the numbers from 1 - n once in each of the regions of the puzzle. There are typically either two or three regions in a circle sudoku puzzle: the spokes, the concentric circles and sometimes bold-lined regions too.

Going Around In Circles...

For those who have not come across circle sudoku before, it looks like quite a novel and interesting looking puzzle.

So it may be wondered why the puzzle is not more popular. The reason is that it tends to be a lot harder for the human eye to manage the numbers when looking around a circle than looking at straight lines as is the case with ordinary sudoku puzzles.

That is the main reason why circle sudoku is not seen so commonly as one might expect. However in a collection of sudoku variants rather than, say, a daily puzzle it makes a fun and interesting puzzle to publish.

With a standard circle sudoku, the rules that you'll apply to solve the puzzle are exactly the same as with ordinary sudoku. As noted above, however, you may find it trickier to apply the rules when looking around circles than you would when looking along straight lines as with an orthodox sudoku puzzle grid.

If you tackle the sample circle sudoku note that the numbers used are 1 - 8 not 1 - 9 in this instance, and that there are two regions: the spokes and the concentric circles.

There are also some other novelties that circle sudoku can include, for instance that no individual cell within the puzzle can have a value that is adjacent to one of its neighbours - in other words if a cell contains 3 then none of its neighbours can contain 2 or 4. This is an interesting variant and certainly makes for a fun puzzle where different solving logic comes into play.

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Last updated: 15 Feb 2012

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Sample puzzle:
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Sample solution:
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