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Mon, 19 Apr 2021

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Riddles are a simple but fun puzzle of the sort we probably all enjoyed as children in puzzles books given to us by our parents.

The aim of the riddle puzzle is simple: solve the clues from the rhyme in order to work out which word is being talked about or is hidden by the riddle puzzle.

Here is an example of a typical riddle puzzle, here the theme for the solution word is 'Easter':

My first is in catch and in chase
My second is not in top but is in hat
My third is in ice but not in colder
My fourth is in cot and in child
My fifth is in bike but not in ride

The answer to the puzzle is Chick, as found by solving the clues. For instance, looking at the last clue we see that the letters in 'bike' but not 'ride' are 'b' and 'k', so we know the word ends in 'b' or 'k'; by solving each clue in the same way we can work out the letter combinations and work out the solution word.

Riddle puzzles are a great way of encouraging children to think through and solve simple clues, realising the logical implications of intriguing and rhyming clues. If you are interested in purchasing riddle puzzles, please do Contact Us >>

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