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Wed, 27 May 2020

Coronavirus Update

A note to our publishers and business customers: we are all working from home and are making best endeavours to fulfil orders as normal - therefore please Contact Us with your requirements, or get in touch with your existing Clarity Media contact directly.

Free Online Puzzles

As of 23rd March, and for the duration of the lockdown, we have added a new feature, with a free puzzle to play online every day. The table below will show the most 10 recent puzzles available - click the puzzle name to play the puzzle:

Puzzle TypeDate ReleasedSolving Information
Kakuro2020-05-27 How to solve Kakuro
Jigsaw2020-05-26 How to solve Jigsaw
Futoshiki2020-05-25 How to solve Futoshiki
Consecutive2020-05-24 How to solve Consecutive
Calcudoku2020-05-23 How to solve Calcudoku
ABCD Logic Puzzle2020-05-22 How to solve ABCD Logic Puzzle
Sudokux2020-05-21 How to solve Sudokux
Sudoku2020-05-20 How to solve Sudoku
Sandwich2020-05-19 How to solve Sandwich
Noughtsandcrosses2020-05-18 How to solve Noughtsandcrosses

You can play 12 Puzzles a Day by joining our Puzzle Connoiseur's Club (which costs £12 a year).

Puzzle Magazines: 50% Off

If you prefer solving puzzles on paper to online, then during this strange and worrying period where many of us are stuck at home, we have put a blanket 50% reduction in place across ALL titles on our Puzzle Magazine website: as long as you have access to a printer you will be able to download any of our PDF puzzle magazines in minutes, print, and play.

If you do not have access to a printer, our Puzzle Books should remain available for purchase although with longer delivery timescales.

General Knowledge Quiz

Finally, we've just created a little quiz containing 20 questions which might prove an entertaining diversion for any quiz fans out there. How high a score can you get? If you like content such as this just let us know and we can create more!

Coronavirus Update

Service update and free online daily puzzles

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