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Mon, 26 Oct 2020

Wordladder puzzles

Wordladder puzzles are said to have been invented by Lewis Carroll, and are a fun little word puzzle with simple rules, but that can be quite hard to solve nonetheless.

The aim of a word ladder is to move down a ladder from a word at the top to a word at the bottom, in the required number of steps, and to make a new word at each stage.

However you are only allowed to change one letter at a time and must create a proper word at each stage.

Usually with word ladders there will be several potential routes from top to bottom. Wordladders typically involve four letter words, but they can be created with words of other length too of course.

Some variants of the standard wordladder will have clues alongside each rung, or some of the rungs, offering a hint to the word to be placed at that stage.

Often the words at the top and bottom of the wordladder will be related to each other by some sort of theme, particularly with hand made word ladder puzzles.
Date written: 16 Dec 2010

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