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Thu, 28 Oct 2021
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Free Consecutive Sudoku

Happy New Year! We hope that all our visitors had a great Christmas and a good New Year.

As 2011 starts, here is a free consecutive sudoku puzzle for you to print (including the solution in case you get stuck or want to verify your solution).

To download the puzzle simply click this Consecutive Sudoku PDF link.

For those who are not familiar with this puzzle, the rules are as per normal sudoku but for one thing... there are green bars between certain cells. These indicate the value of these cells is consecutive, that is to say they are one away from each other.

Thus if a cell contains a 3 and there is a green bar between this cell and an adjacent cell, the adjacent cell must contain either 2 or 4.

It is essential to solving a consecutive sudoku puzzle to make the most of the green bars and the restrictions in possible cell values this gives.

The consecutive sudoku has one solution that can be reached through logic alone. We hope you enjoy the puzzle - let us know how you get on with it!

Please note that if you are fan of consecutive sudoku then you might be interested in Consecutive Sudoku Magazine which contains 100 of these puzzles for you to enjoy.
Date written: 04 Jan 2011

Category: sudoku | Keywords: consecutive sudoku

Puzzle Videos: Learn to Solve

Consecutive Sudoku Rules
The rules of this unusual sudoku variant are explained in this video - they can be really fun to solve but you need to understand what the bars between squares mean and that all are shown...

Not tried consecutive sudoku before but like to give it a go? You can play the puzzle featured in the video via this link: Play Consecutive Sudoku Online

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