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Sat, 28 May 2022
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What strategy tips will help me solve Toroidal Sudoku puzzles?

The key is to play very close attention to the toroidal regions and their shape.

It is a little counter intuitive perhaps that cells at the top right of the puzzle can potentially affect what values can be placed at the bottom left of the puzzle, but that's exactly what toroidal sudoku demands of you to realise depending on the shapes of the toroidal regions.

Remembering this and spotting and applying that on a consistent basis is the barrier that stops many people solving the puzzle, and on paper the presentation and getting confused between the regions can also cause a problem so colouring regions to avoid confusion is actually a solid strategy.

Remember to use region intersection to help you knock out candidates with all but the simplest puzzles and also ab elimination to help you further whittle things down.

Once you hit a critical mass of a certain number of placed values, then the usual sudoku rules are easier and quicker to apply.

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What strategy tips will help me solve Toroidal Sudoku puzzles?
The key is to play very close attention to the toroidal...

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