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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Logic Puzzles for Adults
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Relaxing Dot to Dots
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Crossword a Day 2022
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Kriss Kross 2022

What solving tips are there for sliding block puzzles?

It really depends on the puzzles. They can range from very simple to almost insanely difficult!

With harder puzzles that are not that easy, you need to be methodical and try to remember what moves you have made within reason so that you don't keep on backtracking and making the same mistakes.

Before tackling the puzzle try to visualise in your minds eye what the solution state would look like: say you need to get a particular piece to the bottom of the puzzle, then work out what the moves before that final step would look like.

Whilst it is unlikely with a tricky puzzle you'll be able to take it back from there more than a few steps in your mind, you might realise valuable information by doing this such as where another piece of the puzzle must be in order for you to reach the solution state.

The more you can work out where the pieces must be around the solution state then the more information you have in trying to move them near to that position rather than just random trial and error moving pieces around until you happen to stumble to the solution or somewhere near it!

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What solving tips are there for sliding block puzzles?
It really depends on the puzzles. They can range from very...

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