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Wed, 10 Aug 2022
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Wordsearch a Day 2022
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Kriss Kross 2022
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Mixed Puzzles Book

Interactive Content

There has been much made recently of making web sites more interactive and allowing customers not just to read what is placed on the page in a static manner, but to be able to interact, edit, manipulate and communicate through the site.

The most common interactive element of a site that is very established is of course the contact us or feedback form. This requires a basic script to be created which will take the information the user inputs into the form, and then send it to a specified email address (or perhaps add it to a database somewhere, depending on the desired outcome and the set up of the script).

Adding a form to a website is not too difficult, but for those with no scripting knowledge it can be a little daunting. If you need help adding a form ro your site, please do Contact Us to discuss what you need.

Other interactive content is standardly offered through surveys, quizzes, questions and answers and tests that are taken online. You answer the questions, the script checks what you have entered against the desired answers, and tells you your scores.

Quizzes and surveys are a great way to find out what your readers are thinking and perhaps also their knowledge, and to help them learn about your product if you are in the business of selling things. Therefore it is worth giving thought to how you could use a quiz or a survey on your site - there are many valid reasons to do so above and beyond simply wishing to add an interactive feature. Please feel free to Contact Us to explore the possibility of adding such a feature to your site.

As well as these common methods, there are a whole host of other ways of adding interactive content. You can add all sorts of puzzles and games to your site, which may be Flash based, JavaScript based or use a scripting language or a combination of technologies such as AJAX. Clarity Media offers a range of puzzle based interactive content, for instance interactive sudoku puzzles and player; as well as a host of other interactive puzzle tools which can be licensed.

The great thing with interaction is that it makes your website stickier for your customers and gives them almost a dialogue with your site, that simply static content that they read off the page cannot offer. It adds more depth to your website therefore, and it is certainly worth considering what sort of interactive content you could use on your website, the business case and rationale for it. Finally, it is important to set up the appropriate stats function to find the results of any interactive content you add and learn for future campaigns.

Please contact us to discuss your interactive content requirements and for a no obligation quote.

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