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Fri, 24 May 2019

Contact Message Management Tool

The internet is increasingly more and more important to each and every business. A corporate website is now a must have, rather than a nice to have. And for many businesses, the internet is the main source of their leads. contact management tool

If this describes your business - online lead generation through contact messages through your website is an integral source of new business for you - then how are you currently dealing with those messages? Most businesses receive an email that contains the information entered by the potential customer. However, dealing and managing emails is not easy. They can get accidentally deleted or lost in the crowd of all the other emails you receive, and it can be hard to keep track of which ones you have replied to and what the status is on each lead.

This can mean that you forget to follow up on leads and potentially lose out on business, or perhaps even forget to respond to a lead in the first place! Additionally, if your computer crashes you may lose all the valuable information that is stored in each of those contact messages that you have received.

This is where our Contact Message Management Tool comes in. The system will automatically store all your contact messages in a back-end database. This means that you always have a back up of the messages you receive online, and can access that message store wherever you have an internet connection, regardless of whether you have your emails with you. Need to call someone who's contacted you but not got your emails to hand? No problem - if you can access the internet you can access their contact message online and find what the phone number is.

The system lets you make notes on each contact, and record whether a follow up message is required, and you can also store when you replied to the message. The follow-ups page lets you view at a glance the messages you need to follow up. The number of messages you receive per day and over set time periods is given to you graphically so you can monitor how many leads you are receiving.

Additionally there is the facility to send emails through the system to your leads, so if your email ever goes down, if you still have a web connection, you can send emails directly through the contact management system. It will automatically log messages you send and let you view these either in isolation or linked to the contact message they are sent in reply to.

In summary, if you want to make the most of the leads you receive through your website and have a back-up in place of all the messages you receive, then our contact message management tool is for you.

Please Contact Us for more information on our contact message management tool for your website.

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