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Sat, 15 Aug 2020

Anagram Finder

What is an anagram?

An anagram of a word refers to another word that can be formed by re-arranging the order of the letters in that word. As an example, 'EATS' can be arranged to form other words such as 'SEAT', 'TEAS', 'EAST and more. So the words seat, east and teas are anagrams of the word eats.

To form a valid anagram, you must simply move the position of one of more letters in the word. Clearly if no letters change position, you simply have the word itself. If you enter letters that already form a word, this anagram finder will return the word itself together with any other possible matches found from the dictionary used.

Who would use an anagram solver?

Small word puzzles are very popular, and these include anagram puzzles. Quite often anagrams will be included in crosswords, typically in quick crosswords or cryptic crosswords.

With an anagram in a quick crossword, the anagram will be highlighted by use of the word 'anag' or 'anagram' after the clue. You can try to work out the anagram yourself, use an anagram dictionary or an anagram solver tool like this.

With a cryptic crossword, the presence of the anagram will not be stated directly but hinted at in a huge number of ways - often by use of a word such as 'troubled' somewhere in the clue.

If you are unsure exactly which letters in the clue form the anagram then you can always try several different options.

Notes about the dictionary: at the present time the dictionary used to look up words contains a combination of words, phrases and names.

Any spaces or punctuation that you enter will be ignored, but please just enter letters.

It doesn't matter whether you use upper or lower case when entering the letters.

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