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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Hidden Word Puzzle

Hidden Word Puzzle Instructions:
Here's how to play Hidden Word Puzzle:
Find the word the stated number of times in the grid. The word may be hidden horizontally, vertically or diagonally and either forwards or backwards.

Finding That Hidden Word...

The hidden word puzzle is particularly popular with children.

It's a fun variant on the standard wordsearch puzzle.

Whereas with a standard wordsearch there is a list of lots of different words to find in the grid, with the hidden word puzzle there is only one word to find!

That word may be hidden once in the grid or several times - the aim is to find each occurrence of that word in the grid.

Unlike a standard wordsearch, the hidden word puzzle is particularly tricky because all the letters in the grid come from the word, meaning that it can be very tricky to find the instance of the particular word you are being asked to seek out in the grid.

This also means there will be many 'false starts' whereby most of the word, or probably all of the word barring one letter, can be traced out only to find that it is not actually the instance of the word and the search must continue elsewhere in the grid!

The shorter the word, the harder it is to find, and of course the larger the grid of letters too the more noise there is.

The sample puzzle displayed to the right has the word 'times' hidden in the grid just once - take a look at the PDF and have a good scan through if you wish to double-check that the word really does only appear in the grid once, as implausible as that may seem!

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Last updated: 15 Feb 2012

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Sample puzzle:
start Hidden Word Puzzle image
Sample solution:
solution Hidden Word Puzzle image

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