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Sat, 28 May 2022
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Crossword Instructions:
Here's how to play Crossword:
Place the answer to each clue in the grid, using the relevant across or down number to reference where each word goes in the grid.

Everyone's Favourite Word Puzzle...

The crossword is the most popular of all word puzzles. If in any doubt then one only has to look at daily newspapers to see that, almost without exception, they contain not one but several crosswords: typically a quick and a cryptic puzzle.

So why are crosswords so popular? It is not hard to think up reasons. First of all, every puzzle is different, and there is a challenge offered by each clue, and the satisfaction to be gained by cracking each clue in the puzzle.

Crosswords are great for passing the time on a journey such as a commute, and there can be an immense sense of satisfaction in correctly finishing a crossword and solving that infamous last clue - there always seems to be one that is particularly stubborn!

Solving techniques of course vary considerably for each type of puzzle. With quick puzzles then you will often have to work out some other answers to get some clue letters as there may be more than one answer that fits the bill.

In contrast with a general knowledge puzzle there is typically only one answer where the clue is factual, and with a cryptic clue once you've cracked it then you should be able to write the answer right in.

Crosswords come in all shapes and sizes, and even shaped-grids rather than rectangular ones.

As the most popular of all puzzles, it shows no sign of abating and people's demand and love of crosswords is as strong as ever - one only needs to speak to a newspaper editor to find out how much comment a good or bad crossword generates relative to other things that readers get in touch about!

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Last updated: 15 Feb 2012

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